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  • Maurya, Jayanand; Joshi, Y. C.; Panchal, A.; Gour, A. S. (Astronomical Journal, 2023-03)
    We study variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC 381 using photometric data observed over 27 nights and identify a total of 57 variable stars, six of which are member stars. The variable stars are classified ...
  • Panchal, A.; Joshi, Y. C.; Cat, Peter De; Tiwari, S. N. (The Astrophysical Journal, 2022-03)
    A photometric and spectroscopic investigation is performed on five W Ursae Majoris eclipsing binaries J015818.6 +260247 (hereinafter as J0158b), J073248.4+405538 (hereinafter as J0732), J101330.8+494846 (hereinafter ...
  • Singh, Gurpreet; Pandey, J. C. (The Astrophysical Journal, 2022-07)
    We present a detailed X-ray analysis and imaging of stellar coronae of five coronally connected eclipsing binaries, namely, 44 Boo, DV Psc, ER Vul, XY UMa, and TX Cnc. Both components of these binaries are found to ...


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