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Quasi-periodic oscillation detected in γ-rays in blazar PKS 0346−27

Show simple item record Prince, Raj Banerjee, Anuvab Sharma, Ajay das, Avik Kumar Gupta, Alok C. Bose, Debanjan 2023-11-07T05:58:17Z 2023-11-07T05:58:17Z 2023-10
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dc.description.abstract Aims. We present a variability study of the blazar PKS 0346−27 conducted between December 2018 and January 2022 using archival γ-ray observations from Fermi-LAT. Methods. We used Lomb–Scargle periodogram and weighted wavelet transform methods to detect the presence of periodicity or quasi-periodicity and localize this feature in time and frequency space. We estimated the significance of the periodicity feature using a Monte Carlo simulation approach. We also determined the global significance of the periodicity to test the robustness of our claim. To explore the most probable scenario, we modeled the light curve with both a straight-jet and a curved-jet model. Results. We detect a periodicity feature of ∼100 days in the entire period of observation with a statistical significance of 3σ, which amounts to a 99.7% confidence level. The global significance of this feature is found to be 96.96%. Based on the Akaike information criterion, the most probable explanation is that the observed emission is enhanced due to the helical motion of a blob within a curved jet. Conclusions. The origin of this quasi-periodic oscillation is very likely a region of enhanced emission moving helically inside a curved jet. This work presents strong evidence for jet curvature in the source and an independent (albeit a little serendipitous) procedure to estimate the curvature in blazar jets en_US
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dc.publisher Astronomy & astrophysics en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries 2040;aa678-A100
dc.subject galaxies: active; BL Lacertae objects: individual: PKS 0346−27; BL Lacertae objects: general; gamma rays: galaxies en_US
dc.title Quasi-periodic oscillation detected in γ-rays in blazar PKS 0346−27 en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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