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  • Gangopadhyay, Anjasha; Maeda, Keiichi; Singh, Avinash; A. J, Nayana; Nakaoka, Tatsuya; Kawabata, Koji S; Taguchi, Kenta; Singh, Mridweeka; Chandra, Poonam; Ryder, Stuart D; Dastidar, Raya; Yamanaka, Masayuki; Kawabata, Miho; Alsaberi, Rami Z. E; Dukiya, Naveen; Singh Teja, Rishabh; Ailawadhi, Bhavya; Dutta, Anirban; Sahu, D. K.; Moriya, Takashi J; Misra, Kuntal; Tanaka, Masaomi; Chevalier, Roger; Tominaga, Nozomu; Uno, Kohki; Imazawa, Ryo; Hamada, Taisei; Hori, Tomoya; Isogai, Keisuke (The Astrophysical Journal, 2023-11)
    We present optical, near-infrared, and radio observations of supernova (SN) SN IIb 2022crv. We show that it retained a very thin H envelope and transitioned from an SN IIb to an SN Ib; prominent Hα seen in the pre-maximum ...
  • Bappu, M. K. Vainu; Sinvhal, S. D. (Vincent Baxter Press , Oxford, 1959)
  • Maurya, Jayanand; Joshi, Y. C.; Panchal, A.; Gour, A. S. (Astronomical Journal, 2023-03)
    We study variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC 381 using photometric data observed over 27 nights and identify a total of 57 variable stars, six of which are member stars. The variable stars are classified ...
  • Gaur, H., et al.; Gupta, A. C. (Oxford, 2014-01-21)
    We present the results of extensive multiband intranight optical monitoring of BL Lacertae during 2010–2012. BL Lacertae was very active in this period and showed intense variability in almost all wavelengths. We extensively ...


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