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  • Bachev, R.; Semkov, E.; Strigachev, A.; Mihov, B.; Gupta, A. C.; Peneva, S.; Ovcharov, E.; Valcheva, A.; Lalova, A. (2011)
    Context. 3C 454.3 is a very active flat spectrum radio quasar (blazar) that has undergone a recent outburst in all observed bands,including the optical. Aims. In this work we explore the short-term optical variability of ...
  • Dhiman, Vinit; Gupta, Alok C.; Bachev, Rumen; Wiita, Paul J.; Cellone, Sergio A.; Strigachev, A.; Gaur, Haritma; Darriba, A.; Bisen, D. P.; Locatelli, G.; Mammana, L. A.; Semkov, E. (Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2024-01)
    We report the first extensive optical flux and spectral variability study of the TeV blazar TXS 0506 + 056 on intranight to long-term time-scales using BVRI data collected over 220 nights between 2017 January 21 to 2022 ...
  • Bachev, R.; Semkov, E.; Strigachev, A.; Gupta, A. C.; Gaur, H.; Mihov, B.; Boeva, S.; Slavcheva-Mihova, L. (2012)
    In this paper we present the results of a short-term optical monitoring program of 13 blazars. The objects were monitored mostly in the R band for a total of ∼160 h between 2006 and 2011. We study the nature of the ...
  • Bachev, R.; Semkov, E.; Kacharov, N.; Gupta, A. C.; Ovcharov, E.; Strigachev, A. (2011)
    We present new photometric data for an EW-type binary star – MM Dra. Light curve data in B and R colors for a total of 37 hours of observation have been analyzed. We obtained a new period of the binary – 0.26548 (0.00001) ...
  • Semkov, E.; Bachev, R.; Strigachev, A.; Peneva, S.; Gupta, A. C. (2011)
    We present first results of a program to monitor active galactic nuclei with intermediate mass black holes. The monitoring aims to search for rapid (intranight) optical variations in these objects, most of which are known ...


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