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  • Chaturvedi, J. P. (1972)
    An index for temperatures of stars, based on B, V and R magnitudes, has been obtained. It was found that {θ ₑ [(B-V) ² +(V+R) ²]¹/²} relations are well defined linear equations for stars of spectral type later than GO and ...
  • Pande, M. C.; Gaur, V. P. (1972)
    The dissociation equilibrium of ionized diatomic molecular species CO⁺, N O⁺, OH⁺, O₂⁺, N₂⁺, H₂⁺ in BCA photospheric model is considered. The abundances of these species are in the order H₂⁺, CO⁺, OH⁺, NO⁺, O₂⁺ and N₂⁺. ...
  • Pande, M. C.; Joshi, G. C. (1972)
    The equivalent widths of R(29) line belonging to 0-2 in η Aql are found to be 0.200 m Å and 4.17 m Å and of R(31) m Å at maximum and minimum phases respectively. Thus if Dawe’s model atmospheres are realistic there is some ...
  • Babu, G. S. D.; Sinvhal, S. D. (1972)
    A statistical study of magnetic stars reveals that their mean rotational velocities do not depend on their magnetic field strengths. Also that stars with low magnetic field strengths are mostly Mn stars and those with high ...
  • Gupta, S. K.; Bhatnagar, A. K. (1972)
  • Kapoor, R. C.; Sinvhal, S. D. (1972-12-30)
  • Joshi, G. C. (1973)
    Equivalent widths of a line belonging to the 0-0 bands of the electronic transition ²∆-²∏ of the CH molecule have been calculated for various phases of light variation in η Aql. For the spectral calss of η Aql the equivalent ...
  • Joshi, S. C.; Rautela, B. S. (1973)
    The absolute energy distribution of two δ sct stars β cas (HR 21)and υ UMa (HR 3888) have been matching these with model atmospheres there effective temperatures,gravities,radii and masses have been estimated.
  • Sinha, K.; Pande, M. C. (1973)
    The calculated rates of photodissoication, radiative association and the diffusion of CH and CO molecules show that the diffusion rates are many orders of magnitude smaller than the photodissociation and radiative association ...
  • Tripathi, B. M.; Pande, M. C. (1973)
    Results of the dissociation equilibrium calculations in thre facula models indicate that more molecules form in the 7B2J Chapman model. Equivalent width calculations in 7B2J model show that the CO⁺ lines of (0-3) band of ...
  • Sinha, K. (1973)
    The absence of Phillips bands in the solar photospheric spectrum and the presence of Swan bands seems to point to a non-LTE path for the formation and disappearance of C₂ molecules in the solar photosphere.
  • Gaur, V. P.; Pande, M. C.; Tripathi, B. M. (1973)
    The results of the dissociation equilibrium calculations for Zwaan’s sunspot model are given. It appears that many di-and tri-atomic molecules form in sufficient abundances in the spots. It is suggested that for assessing ...
  • Bondal, K. R.; Joshi, G. C.; Pande, M. C. (1973)
    The equivalent width of R₁ (16) line of the 0-0 band of the Swan system of C₂ calculated for the minimum phase of light variation in η Aql comes out to be 27 mÅ. Thus, if Dawe’s model atmosphere and the assumed abundance ...
  • Kapoor, R. C. (1973-01-25)
  • Bhatnagar, A. K.; Gupta, S. K. (1973-03-30)
  • Kapoor, R. C.; Sanwal, B. B.; Sinvhal, S. D. (1973-07-14)
  • Kapoor, R. C. (1973-11-26)
  • Gaur, V. P. (1974)
    The calculated equivalent width of R₁ (26.5) line of the 0-1 vibration-rotation band of NO near 5.3 μm for the sunspot model of Stellmacher and Wiehr (1970) suggests the likelihood of the presence of this band in sunspot ...
  • Srivastva, R. K.; Padalia, T. D. (1974)
    The geometrical element of the system GH pegasi and a slightly improved period of 2ᵈ.556136 have been given.
  • Sihna, K.; Pande, M. C. (1974)
    It is shown that while the triplet states of Swan bands are populated through an LTE path, the singlet states of Phillilps bands are not. The problems regarding the observations of t he various bands of C₂ molecules in the ...


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